Learning Exchange Meeting

Italia Lunedì, 22 Febbraio 2016
Venerdì, 26 Febbraio 2016
Institute/School: A School
Contact Person: Name Surname
Location/Address: Street, City
Topic: The Forum Topic


This would be for staff from each organisation, accompanied by staff from the associated hub schools for each country partner (i.e. OGB, OIT, JKC, CAR).

This is an essential training event as it is to share the already produced draft youth forum tools, i.e IO2-5 as described in the intellectual outputs section. This is the initial step in development phase 1.

The purpose is to:

  1. Gain feedback from hub school staff on the tools to better refine them for their needs
  2. Induct the teachers in using the tools. These are in draft paper form (except the beta IO5 site). Teachers will then use the tools back in school to host a forum with the support of delivery partners.
  3. LOD will also share the learning from IO1 and the MEL tools developed for teachers to use with pupils/other teachers during development phase 1.