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My Forum experience as a participant

This year, on International Women’s Day, Woodside High School hosted a Future Youth School forum in partnership with Oxfam. Future Youth School forums are structured events led and organised by students, which allow them to explore issues, collaborate and share ideas for action. Our forum was led by Year 10 students part of our school’s Oxfam Youth Ambassador group.

Gender Equality Forum

Across the world, March 8th has been celebrated as International Women’s day for well over 100 years. In Italy, it is tradition to celebrate “la Festa della Donna” by giving women mimosas - the bright yellow flowers, not the drinks.

Schools Top tips for planning a forum


Planning for a Forum can be exciting and challenging, you and your students will gain knowledge and skills from the process as you go along. There are lots of other schools who have run successful forums and here are some tips directly from them on how to plan and run a forums project!

Kick-off webinar: if “well begun is half done”, then we have great hopes for the future of the Forum!


On 18th October 2017, students and teachers from the FYSForums project partner schools in Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Lithuania and United Kingdom participated in a online webinar, which served as the Project’s third year kick-off meeting before taking action over the next few months. It was a wonderful experience bringing together many students of all ages, ranging from secondary to high school.

The distinct perspective of all the participants clearly emerged when students were asked to voice their expectations on the future of gender equality. There have been many interesting hunches, often reflecting the different degrees of urgency and awareness of gender-based issues in each country.



For example, some Lithuanian students have drawn attention to the need to ensure that women easily access healthcare, while some English students focused on the different issued of gender equality. Polish teachers brought to light the need to raise the public awareness on gender-based issues to help women to break through socio-economic barriers; on the other hand, Italian students have pledged to set up talks and other events to sensitise their peers to female genital mutilation. Finally, Cypriot students have explained how important would be to bring gender equality to the rural areas of their country. All schools have also set out their proposed action plan with a view to the next webinars, next Forums and the final international Forum which will be held in Rome, on the 16th of April 2018.

This kick-off webinar proved a fabulous opportunity for the participants to the FYS-Forums project to share previous experience and works. No matter the technical problems some school faced, all participants were truly enthusiastic about the multi-cultural and pluralistic composition of the project partnership, as well as the quality of the ideas arisen. If “well begun is half done”, then we have great hopes for the future of the Forum!


Twitter Takeover for a People Forced to Flee Forum!

Twitter Takeover1

Friday 23rd June saw Brentford School for Girls take over Oxfam GB’s @oxfamcampaignsTwitter page! The school hosted their first Forum around the theme of ‘People forced to Flee’ with other participating schools being invited fror the day to take part in a series of workshops and presentations with a grand finish to the day of each school receiving 200 postcards to take back to their respective school and ensure as many postcards are written and sent out to their local MP’s to ensure that UK law is changed on family reunification. The girls tweeted professionally and enthusiatically on the day documentating the different workshops, discussions and events that occurred as theforum went by making sure they hashtagged and targetted key people who had the power to instigate change on Twitter. 

Check out the OxfamGB Campaigns Twitter account here to see the girls in action:

Twitter Takeover2 Twitter Takeover3

Twitter Takeover4

IIS “Leonardo da Vinci” of Rome - Our Action to support refugees


We students of the “Leonardo da Vinci” Institute in Rome have chosen as practice action to sensitize people towards the refugees the opportunity that “Mondo Digitale”, in collaboration with Microsoft, gave us: receiving them in our school and teach them how to use a computer.

So, every Wednesday afternoon, from 14.30 to 17.00, we receive the refugees and operate as tutor trying to help them using the digital technologies and also supporting them in the use of the Italian language. We know very well that we are the future, we could do the difference: in this project we use our digital competences and, for this reason, our school gave us facilities helping us to achieve the goal.

During the first meeting, we asked them which topic would be the most interesting among these:

• to use the social network

• to use the software application

• to use the Smartphone

• to learn how to write a Curriculum

• to find a job

• to move in Rome

After having chosen the favourite item, they joined us. We formed a group of 2/3 refugees beginning to work together. In this way we became friends very soon. Our personal idea is that we’ll try to help them every time because we are convinced that everyone needs to fell himself a free person with the rights to learn and have friends.

At the end of the project it will be organised a soccer challenge between them and us with the target to rice our friendship.

Edoardo Gallinelli Virginia Iafisco