Second Regional High School of NicosiaNicosia, Cyprus

The B’ Regional High School of Nicosia celebrates twenty years since its foundation (1996 -2016). Innovative and pioneering, already awarded in 1996 for its modern architectural design. Today 401 students from 25 villages of Tamasos area, aged 12 to 15 are studying at the school .

It has 15 classrooms, two labs for Design and Technology lessons, two workshops for Healthy Life Lessons, specifically designed classrooms for Art, Music, Languages, History, Mathematics, and Labs for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computing lessons. There is also a Multi Purpose Room, a Library and modern stadiums. By participating in indoor school events and in national public celebrations, students develop skills and cultivate the principles of modern active citizenship.

The school was awarded with the label "Safe School for the Internet" for its policy against the dangers of the Internet. It also participates in three EU programs Erasmus+ and the interstate environmental program between Greece – Cyprus “ golden-green leaf "to protect endangered, indigenous species such as the Cyprus water-snake. This year, for the first time ,the Astronomical Group with night observations of celestial phenomena and visits to the planetarium works in our school.

The version of the school newspaper "Our World" works with authors our young journalists, who won the first nationwide prize last year.

I. Bullying and Cyber – bullying: How to Prevent and Fight the violence at school

The program aims to create a policy to prevent violence at school. Our school participates in the program about Bullying and Internet bullying at school: Preventing and combating violence. In this program schools from Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Germany and Spain participate and deal with conflicts.

ΙΙ. Europe Through the Lines of Literature

During the program students seek to learn about European artists, writers and generally people of art and come in contact with the foreign culture and civilization.

ΙΙΙ. Building a Small Enterprise at School – Promoting our Country Abroad

Our school participates in the European program: Building a small enterprise at school - Promoting our country abroad. Throughout this program the students are encouraged to develop the «Children entrepreneurship» and to promote the local tradition and products to the partner schools. The program will run for three years. Apart from Cyprus, the participating countries are: Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Poland. During this period nine workshops based on team work on a business plan, will be organized . The topics promoted are: Tourism and local sites, National and local history and Mythology, Healthy living and promotion of local products, National Art and music, National literature and poetry, Local environmental issues, Accepting Diversity, Sports and Adventure and IT Technologies.


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