IIS Leonardo Da VinciRome, Italy

The Institute "Leonardo da Vinci" was founded in the 1871 as " Regio Istituto Tecnico Leonardo Da Vinci” and it was the first technical - business school with scientific focus in Italy.

Located in the City center, near the most important ancient monuments as the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, it is very well connected by public transportation.

The school has an important historical library with approximately 1500 books and a very interesting museum of ancient and valuable scientific collections.

Moreover, there are several smart boards in the classes as well as many laboratories for all kind of scientific applications.

The school has approximately 1000 students, divided between two buildings and different branches of studies, such as administration, financial and marketing, business and trade, business information system, human sciences.

The Institute promotes the enrolment of students with initial classes, fostering the integration and assessing cognitive potential through individual learning strategies; the attention to details as the inclusiveness and integration of students with special needs, especially deaf and blind students, are supported by Teacher’s experience and dedication in this type of difficulties.

Beside the cultural development, the curricula has another important priority: to educate students to become active citizens, responsible and aware of being part of a wider global community.

Finally, particular attention is focused on the continuous development of a more efficient multimedia didactic, using digital pedagogical tools.

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