Woodside High SchoolLondon, UK

Woodside High School is an Academy school for secondary students aged 11-16 based in north London. The school is at the heart of its community and believes in an emphasis on high standards and achievement, a love of learning and courtesy and respect for others. Woodside High School aims to create a fair and just school community that promotes social inclusion, community cohesion and equality that respects diversity and which challenges and acts upon all forms of discrimination and inequality. Central to the schools working ethos is the success of every student, which means providing a high quality learning experience in every classroom, and excellent behaviour at all times.

Collaboration is essential to the schools development and work within the local community. In their focus to build their students as global citizens, the school has been awarded the International Schools Award (ISA) for its work in embracing the curriculum from different countries. They are also a member of the Global Learning Programme England (GLP) and Oxfam’s World Shapers Programme.

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