Just a step-by-step process

Future Youth Schools Forums has been designed to guide you through a step-by-step process to set up a participatory, active citizenship experience on local – global issues. As you progress through the website, you will be led through the steps you need to take to either set up and participate in a Youth Forum as an Organising School (Organisers), or to attend another schools Youth Forum as a Participating School (Participants).

You’ll also be able to share your experiences, network and collaborate with students from other countries on our Discussion Board and participate in Webinars to share your social actions!

Whenever you see this icon, we are letting you know that there are thematic Learning Resources you’ll be able to read and download to help your school and students learn about the issue of the Forum. These resources include 7 workshops for students attending the Forum, short activities for the whole school to learn about the global issue the Forum will be addressing, a treasure hunt, a quiz, an assembly presentation and much much more!

Whenever you see this icon, we are letting you know that there are a set of modules that you can do to give yourself a Skills Workout! These modules have all been designed to help your students prepare for the Forum and will make sure they develop those essential leadership skills, like working in a team, decision making and time management.

If you are a school who will be participating in another schools Forum, click the 'Participants' Button If you are a school who will be organising and participating in a Forum, click the 'Organisers Button'