Schools for Future YouthSFYouth

Schools for Future Youth (SFYOUTH) is for schools who want to deliver a more exciting, relevant and inspiring education, and help create a generation of more active and globally engaged youth.

This new project will support schools across Europe to use global citizenship education to help improve learning both in and out of class. For the initial phase, we have downloadable resources and an online space for teachers and young people to share their learning. Over the next 2 years we are also creating online training modules and an app for teachers and young people to use. Watch here for updates.

We invite you to get involved!

For teachers... look at the teachers space, try some activities with pupils, create a profile and join the forum discussion.
For young people... look at the youth space, learn about some issues and think about setting up a Youth Ambassador group.
For policy makers... take a look at our reports into youth participation through global citizenship and the educational benefits.

The initial phase of the project will test methods with 40 schools in four countries - the UK, Italy, Cyprus and Poland - to produce the online training modules/app. By doing so, the project will help improve teachers' curriculum and pedagogical approaches, and help improve youth transversal skill development, motivation and civic engagement. This will inspire teachers and youth to contribute to the shaping of a fairer and more socially just world.

You can find more information about the SFYouth project here.