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FYS-Forums - Webinar Functionality
FlashMeeting User Guidelines

To enter a webinar, you have to click on the following link:

Webinars will be conducted annually to enable schools to share their actions both nationally within their own country, and internationally with schools across Europe. A National Webinar will take place between the Organising School and all Participating Schools in the UK, Cyprus, Italy and Lithuania in January 2017. This will be an opportunity for all schools nationally to come back together and share their actions! An International European Webinar will take place during May 2017 for the Organising Schools in the UK, Cyprus, Italy and Lithuania. This will be an opportunity for all ‘Hub Schools’ of FYS-Forums to share learning and actions from their Forum!

We will be using FlashMeeting for all of our Webinars. Any Webinar or meeting that is held on FlashMeeting will need to be pre-scheduled by a user who is already registered and who will then acquire a URL from the FlashMeeting server, which contains the meeting’s unique password. The user who books the Webinar or meeting will need to forward the link to the participants who are then one click away from entering the meeting.

How to book a meeting

  • You can join a meeting, without doing anything but clicking on the provided URL, but you must be a registered user to be able to create your own private FlashMeeting.
  • Use the 'Logon' link on the main page to book a FlashMeeting. Type in your FlashMeeting email address and password in the 'login' screen that appears, and click the enter button.
  • You will also see a graph detailing the server usage. Use this to browse to the date and time (based on the server's location) you want to hold your meeting and check that the server has enough capacity to run the size of the meeting you wish to arrange. The booking system will tell you if you try to arrange a meeting at a busy time but checking the chart will save you disappointment or the need to resubmit the form.
  • Filling out the booking form:
    Choose the start date and time, and the duration of the meeting. Remember the meeting will be booked using the server time you must bear this in mind when informing participants that are not in the same country as the server, across different time zones, or when booking from outside the same country as the server. The server time will be shown in relation to GMT.

    Choose the number of places you wish to reserve for the people attending the meeting. Note: FlashMeeting keeps track of each computer logging onto the meeting. (If multiple people are sat around one computer, this will only register as one computer). It issues a 'sticky ticket' whenever a different computer joins. This 'ticket' is valid for a few minutes after disconnection. This means that if you have to leave for a few moments your place is 'reserved' and is still available to you when you return. It also means however, that if one person joins on several different computers, they will use up multiple places, possibly forcing others to have to wait to enter the meeting, or worse still, finding no more places available. Make sure you reserve enough places.

    Enter a booking title - this will be used on the email you get to confirm the booking and also appear as the title on your FlashMeeting interface. If you wish, you can enter a short description of the meeting that will also appear on the interface.

    Keywords: You can enter a keyword, or keywords (separated by a comma), for the meeting. This will be used when categorising, or searching through meetings.

    Recording the meeting: Meetings will be recorded by default for playback using FlashMeeting Memo. If you do not want the meeting recorded (and you have been provided with an account that gives you the choice), change the 'Record the Meeting' selection box to say 'No'. Choosing to record the meeting however, will provide you with a valuable resource.

    Recorded meetings are saved to the FlashMeeting server. Access to the replay of the event is via a web page requiring the password (details are provided at the time of booking). It is the responsibility of the organisers of a meeting to inform attendees that a recording is being made. Recordings will not necessarily be kept indefinitely.

    A meeting has to have at least one person for a recording to be made.

    Syndicate the recording: Syndicated recordings are available as a public resource and will automatically appear on two publicly accessible web pages; the booker's public page and the FlashMeeting Folksonomy page. If you choose to make the replay public by setting the syndicate option to 'yes', it is important that the meeting attendees are aware that this will be the case.

    Make the live meeting public: Choose 'yes' if you wish the meeting to be listed on the web page address shown within this section of the form (i.e. your 'personal' meeting web page).

    As a registered user, you have your own personal web page that has an address that will not change, which lists the up-coming meetings you have booked. This means that a 'fixed' URL can be given to your friends or colleagues that they can go to. They simply click on a link from the list that will take them directly to the actual meeting they are interested in.

    The page can be left 'open' if the only 'security' you want is the knowledge of the address to your personal 'Links' page; or if you want extra security, the page can be set to require an 'access key' before it can be viewed. This 'key' or password is set using the web form via the 'My Details' link.

    Be aware that anyone you entrust with your current personal 'Links' page password can potentially enter any meeting that is listed there.

    Use the presentation style meeting client: Choose 'yes' if you want everyone in the meeting to use the 'presentation' FlashMeeting client which contains an integrated whiteboard (the 'FlashBoard') that is always visible and as such is ideal for meetings where the FlashBoard will be used frequently, for example if presenting a slide show. If the meeting is recorded then a similarly styled Memo replay client with integrated FlashBoard will automatically be used to display the recording. Leave the default choice 'no' to use the 'standard' FlashMeeting style, with a separate pop-up window for the FlashBoard.

    • When you are happy with the details of your proposed meeting, click the submit button and wait for the web page to update. If your meeting is accepted, information appears at the top of the page. This lists the details and provides you with the web link directly to your FlashMeeting. An email is also sent to you confirming your booking and will contain relevant information and the link to the 'meeting details' page.
    • If there is something wrong with the booking, you will receive a warning that appears on a coloured background beneath the blue usage chart. Use this prompt to correct your form and try again.
    • When you have finished, click the 'logout' section to leave the secure booking system.
    • Use the details in the email (or forward the email) to pass on relevant information to the people you want to attend the meeting. When they receive it they will just need to click on the web link to the 'meeting details' web page that (note that if it is 'wrapped' or 'broken' over two lines of the email, the link may not work if 'clicked' on so ask users to copy and paste the link into their internet toolbar).