Who can participate in the forum?

The Youth Forum is full inclusion, everyone is welcome!

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."Henry Ford

The success of a Forum will depend on the young people who create, organise, promote, implement and commit to it. The higher diversity of young people involved, the richer its outcomes will be.

Always keep in mind that: Eeach student has unique contributions to offer to other people and strengths that can be an asset for the whole school.

Profile of the participants

By setting up a Forum, you can turn an idea into reality, and have an impact by involving other people. There are a number of different phases that you'll need to work through in order to run your Forum successfully: preparation, communication and promotion, organisation, implementation and follow-up.

Each phase requires different skills that each of you may have or develop, and you may want to work behind the scene or directly on stage. Below, you will find a list, read through and you may recognise yourself in one of the descriptions, you may want to challenge yourself, you may want to give it a try! THE FORUM IS YOU!

You may...


HAVE KNOWLEDGE If you are passionate about a topic and know a lot about it.
BE A CREATIVE THINKER If you have many creative ideas that you can turn into practical actions.
BE A CRITICAL THINKER If you can see all the pros and cons of a possible idea and practical action.
BE AN ORGANISED PERSON If you are very good at organizing your day, duties and your free time.
BE A PROBLEM SOLVER If you are able to solve problems and look for alternatives in a positive way.
BE A LEADER If you are able to support, motivate and guide your peers.
BE A PROMOTER If you like talking to your peers, promote events and engage them.
BE A SOCIAL MEDIA WHIZZ If you like writing and are fond of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…)
BE A PUBLIC SPEAKER If you are able to talk in front of an audience .

How to select Students to Organise and Participate in your Forum

Decide internally how you want to select the representatives from the school. In some cases, the Organising team and Participants team could be the same, in others you might want to open this opportunity of participation to more students and set up two different groups.

A possible student’s engagement strategy to adopt

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