Working Group Set-up

“T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!”

Participants team

As many social media and tv shows demonstrate, nowadays it is quite common for people to speak up and comment on sensitive issues without having a really informed opinion.

The Participants team consists of students who participate in the Workshops (Learning Resources ), in the Forum itself and in the implementation of the social actions after the Forum. These are called “Participant Students”.

Workshops consist of non-formal education activities to support students in identifying the key issues, researching these issues, exploring their own values and designing an action. The structure of the workshops can be further adapted by schools to explore new issues in the future.

Do you want to know more about this?

Here you can find Workshops proposals on the following issues:


“A displaced person is someone who has fled his or her home, village or town. This could be nationally, where they become displaced within their own country in which case they are referred to as an IDP (Internally Displaced Person), or internationally, where they often become an asylum seeker if they are escaping conflict or persecution. People can be displaced by conflicts and disasters, but also by changes in the environment and even development projects.” – Oxfam International


“Gender inequality is the most serious and pervasive form of discrimination in the world. This is a key driver of poverty and a fundamental denial of women's rights. Women form the majority of those living in poverty. They have fewer resources, less power and less influence in decision making when compared to men. They are exposed to various forms of violence and exploitation and experience further inequality because of their ethnicity, age, race, class, marital status, sexual orientation and (dis)ability.” – Oxfam International