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Twitter Takeover for a People Forced to Flee Forum!

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Friday 23rd June saw Brentford School for Girls take over Oxfam GB’s @oxfamcampaignsTwitter page! The school hosted their first Forum around the theme of ‘People forced to Flee’ with other participating schools being invited fror the day to take part in a series of workshops and presentations with a grand finish to the day of each school receiving 200 postcards to take back to their respective school and ensure as many postcards are written and sent out to their local MP’s to ensure that UK law is changed on family reunification. The girls tweeted professionally and enthusiatically on the day documentating the different workshops, discussions and events that occurred as theforum went by making sure they hashtagged and targetted key people who had the power to instigate change on Twitter. 

Check out the OxfamGB Campaigns Twitter account here to see the girls in action:

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Looking Back to the 2016 People Forced to Flee Forums – What Does the Data Say?

Data Blog Credit Eimear Hurley Woodside

In November 2016, four Forums took place in Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania and the United Kingdom with over 545 pupils from 28 schools participating.

At the end of the Forum, the students who participated were asked to answer eight questions which assessed their perception of the Forum and was intended to help us understand a little more of what they KNOW, THINK and FEEL. 245 students (49% of Forum participants) took part in the survey presenting a satisfactory level of engagement. 

Equality Across Europe

This week The Classic Hotel in Nicosia has hosted Oxfam's FYS-Forum's conference and the participants from the UK have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We can't wait to get home and excite the staff and students in our own schools.  Here are the top 3 things we will be taking away with us:

1. The week has been a very effective participatory process which crossed national, cultural, and language barriers.

We now have a far better awareness of the similarities and differences between teaching and learning in the four different countries represented.  Even though we are vastly different in some ways, we all agree that the FYS-Forum is a wonderfully beneficial and meaningful process.

2. Respect for differences of opinion have been maintained effectively by the partners not favouring one idea over another.  This has allowed for investigation, challenging of opinion, and effective compromise.

This is excatly what we are asking our students to do when back in school, both preparing for and participating in the Forum.  Alongside the wonderful 'skills workshops' that we can't wait to use with our students, we will also be taking away these valuable lessons learnt and encouraging our students to engage in a similar dialogue with their peers.

3. We came here with the simple idea that the Forum was going to be about Gender but we are coming away with so much more than that!

We have a more sophisticated awareness of SDG5 and how we can interpret this in both the local and global context.  Our Equality Forums will provide us with the opportunity to transform our students' understading of one of the most important issues facing our planet!

Here's to moving onwards and upwards in equality with our new friends in Cyprus, Lithuania, and Italy.

Ms Woolrych, Mr Holloway, Miss Rahman, Miss Roberts



The Forum....

Thank you all for giving us all these great and useful information about the new theme of the forum and about the previous theme.


The fact that last year's forum was presented to all of us was very interesting.


It was a very nice experience working with people from other countries and share our thoughts.


The structure of the conference was satisfied and creative. The partners were very willing to help and they were very well prepared for the conference.






Experiences from the Second learning exchange meeting in Cyprus

The meeting was much more than expected.. 

We met beautiful people from different countries. Despite our national educational differences, we found out that we have more similarities: All of us love teaching, we try to improve ourselves, to take responsibilies and find new prespectives for us and for our students.

During the whole week we learned what is happening in the other european countries, as Lithouania, Italy, UK. 

We had a great opportunity to follow new methods and practices, new techniques to use them for organising the next year's Forum but also for using them in classroom.

We recommend it for all of you...

A big thank you for all 

By Elpida and Chloe

National Webinar in Italy: Exchanging and Inspiring each other

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In this picture, ISS Leonardo da Vinci (Florence) students with a message for everybody: "We stand with people forced to flee because diversity makes us unique"



On a Tuesday afternoon (21/02/2017), from 2:45pm to 3:45pm, ISS Leonardo da Vinci (Rome), ISS Vittoria Colonna (Arezzo), ITIS Galileo Galilei (Arezzo) and ISIS Colombo (Roma) and ISS Leonardo da Vinci (Rome) decided it was time to inspire each other, exchange ideas and advice on the social actions to be undertaken within the FYF Forum project. Same participants (with some new entries!), same topic: People Forced to Flee (Persone in Fuga). 


Taking advantage of technology, a webinar was carried out. Webcams and mikes on, greetings, waving hands, happiness, a little bit of initial shyness, students and teachers. For everybody in the schools, it was the very first time participating in a webinar!

Despite the initial technical problems (solved also thanks to Oxfam Italia's ICT support person, Tommaso Olmastroni), the webinar went smoothly, with a lot of interaction and a surprising agenda. Federica Cicala (Oxfam Italia) opened up the online meeting with a special session: "News from the world", a moment to be updated on what is going on in the world. From Mogadisho terroristic attack, to Mosul bombings, to South Sudan famine, from Ivory Coast’s former first lady Simone Gbagbo and her trial to Doctor Mahmoud Satu from Syrian, ending with #VolemAccollir movement in Barcelona (Spain) to welcome refugees. 


Before Federica started telling about the news, a blackboard with all the different pcitures related to the news was shared with everybody. Students had to look at each picture and find some keywords connected to the feelings or thoughts inspired by the photo. We understood how appearance can betray us sometimes and, on the other hand, how strong a picture can be in getting the message through. 

OXFAM NEWS: OUR SOCIAL ACTIONS #insiemeallepersoneinfuga

After this warming up moment, it was time for our young students to take the lead and tell each other about their social actions. Each school chose a speaker who would have 3 minutes to tell all the details by using the "newspaper method".


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In this picture ISS Leonardo da Vinci di Roma's newspaper

Summing it up: 

  • One school has already carried it our during a school Assembly (ITIS Galileo Galiei Arezzo) and could share advantages and disadvantages;
  • ISS Leonardo da Vinci di Roma has put together an existing collaboration with this social action and will directly involve asylum seekers;
  • ISS Vittoria Colonna is just waiting for the school assembly date to show the documentary Fuocoammare and start a guided debate;
  • ISS Leonardo da Vinci di Firenze is planning go viral spreading the two short clips they have made about weapon expenses and wants to get to national and local decision makers;
  • Last but not least, ISIS Colombo will mix up participatory methods, also using role play to make students think about what being a vulnarable person is. 


Through a live survey, Students enjoyed the webinar a lot, pointed out that next time we should avoid having initial technical problems and found it very useful to exchange ideas! It was a good way to encourage, stimulate, strengthen, give new life to all these amazing proposals. It was beautiful to see the bonds they developed during the first Forum in Rome, how collaboration is an added value, how technology can reduce distances. Together, from 3 different Italian cities to support and raise awareness on People Forced to Flee. 

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In this picture, ISS Vittoria Colonna (Arezzo) students with a message for everybody: "We stand with people forced to flee because it is their right to have the life they desire"

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In this picture, ISS Leonardo Da Vinci (Roma) students with a message for everybody: "We stand with people forced to flee because we are all different but equal"





Ivory Coast’s former first lady Simone Gbagbo 

Preparazione al webinar tra scuole italiane

Si sta finalmente avvicinando il giorno del nostro webinar nazionale in cui avremo modo di rivedere a distanza tutti gli studenti che abbiamo conosciuto durante il nostro I° Forum tra Scuole a Roma!

In preparazione al webinar, che si terrà il 21 febbraio dalle 14,30 alle 15,30 in ogni scuola coinvolta dal progetto, ci sono 2 piccole attività da fare:

1 - Metti sulla pagina Facebook un video brevissimo o una foto di te stesso o di te insieme ai tuoi compagni in cui completi questa frase: “IO STO CON LE PERSONE IN FUGA PERCHE’…”. Ecco una foto che vi mostra un esempio!

Io sto con le persone in fuga

2 - Insieme al vostro gruppo, preparate una breve descrizione delle attività che state portando avanti nell’ambito di questo progetto. Create una prima pagina del vostro giornale su un foglio e siate pronti a condividerlo durante il webinar, mostrandolo via webcam. La foto vi mostra un esempio!



Vi aspettiamo!