Schools Top tips for planning a forum


Planning for a Forum can be exciting and challenging, you and your students will gain knowledge and skills from the process as you go along. There are lots of other schools who have run successful forums and here are some tips directly from them on how to plan and run a forums project!

TIPS FROM SCHOOLS ON HOW TO RUN A FORUM: “How not to stress out!”

  1. Get your principals’ support and get them involved in decision making processes (if applicable)
  2. Choose teachers who are your friends and are supportive colleagues and who want to be involved
  3. Identify innovators in your school to take the lead
  4. Start planning early
  5. Consider time management early!
  6. Consider where the Forum will take place early and how does it fit into the school day (the practical aspects!)
  7. Make sure there is time to prepare each group with support of Partners (Teachers – Students)
  8. Involve and inform the whole school as much as possible in different ways
  9. Involve other schools from other districts of the country if possible; to understand different points of view on the same topic
  10. Discover the hidden potential of students – trust them!
  11. Find keen student leaders (they have a thirst for knowledge, they ask questions, use existing structures – student councils…)
  12. Get students involved who want to be involved!
  13. Make the experience real for the students
  14. Link activities to school development plan / system / school improvement process, and try and communicate / extend to participating schools (ie credits for students’ involvement, attribution to leadership modules)
  15. Find ways to link to the curriculum

Good luck with your forums and we are looking forward to see what your top tips will be and how your school has been inspired to take action!

Amy Jones Oxfam GB