Looking Back to the 2016 People Forced to Flee Forums – What Does the Data Say?

Data Blog Credit Eimear Hurley Woodside

In November 2016, four Forums took place in Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania and the United Kingdom with over 545 pupils from 28 schools participating.

At the end of the Forum, the students who participated were asked to answer eight questions which assessed their perception of the Forum and was intended to help us understand a little more of what they KNOW, THINK and FEEL. 245 students (49% of Forum participants) took part in the survey presenting a satisfactory level of engagement. 

Interestingly, there weren’t significant differences across the 4 countries. 86.2% agreed that the Forum was informative and 90.2% that the Forum was useful. 81.2% were positive about the overall structure of the event and encouragingly, a large proportion of pupils (81.9%) felt supported to participate in the Forum by the school staff that was present at the event.

There was a high level of satisfaction by students with their own level of participation in the Forum (44% of students strongly agreed and 38% agreed with this statement) and almost 80% of students strongly agreed that the preparatory activities helped them to understand the topic of “People Forced to Flee”; the theme of the 2016 Forums.

Students showed a high level of agreement that they will be able to use the knowledge gained before and during the Forum in real life (38%) and 66% of students said they were willing to collaborate with students (from other schools), who they met during the Forum. 

Positively, 82% of students strongly agreed and agreed that they would recommend taking part in the Forum to other students.

All in all, a positive response to the first Forum and we look forward to evaluating the next round of Forums – based on the topic of Gender Inequality, which will be held in schools across the UK, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania and Poland between November 2017 – March 2018. Watch this space!  

Written by Anna Jarkiewicz and Joanna Leek, Project Partners from the University of Lodz, Poland.