Equality Across Europe

This week The Classic Hotel in Nicosia has hosted Oxfam's FYS-Forum's conference and the participants from the UK have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We can't wait to get home and excite the staff and students in our own schools.  Here are the top 3 things we will be taking away with us:

1. The week has been a very effective participatory process which crossed national, cultural, and language barriers.

We now have a far better awareness of the similarities and differences between teaching and learning in the four different countries represented.  Even though we are vastly different in some ways, we all agree that the FYS-Forum is a wonderfully beneficial and meaningful process.

2. Respect for differences of opinion have been maintained effectively by the partners not favouring one idea over another.  This has allowed for investigation, challenging of opinion, and effective compromise.

This is excatly what we are asking our students to do when back in school, both preparing for and participating in the Forum.  Alongside the wonderful 'skills workshops' that we can't wait to use with our students, we will also be taking away these valuable lessons learnt and encouraging our students to engage in a similar dialogue with their peers.

3. We came here with the simple idea that the Forum was going to be about Gender but we are coming away with so much more than that!

We have a more sophisticated awareness of SDG5 and how we can interpret this in both the local and global context.  Our Equality Forums will provide us with the opportunity to transform our students' understading of one of the most important issues facing our planet!

Here's to moving onwards and upwards in equality with our new friends in Cyprus, Lithuania, and Italy.

Ms Woolrych, Mr Holloway, Miss Rahman, Miss Roberts