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Post-Forum Activities in Cyprus

 The schools in Cyprus have started organising and delivering their actions based on their Action Plans and what they have discussed during the First Youth School Forum in Cyprus. Below are some examples of their actions.


Lower and Higher Secondary School at Lefkara


Students organized visits for all the migrant students of the schools, in order to present them the history and culture of Cyprus, and more specifically of their village. Students visited some villagers who has traditional jobs and explained their daily activities to the students. Also, they organized a visit to the local museum at Lefkara, providing to the migrant students the opportunity to learn more about Cyprus.

The students then prepared some traditional foods and cakes with their migrants classmates, which were offered to all the students and teachers of the school.


Saint Nicholas Lyceum

Students published a newsitem on their school’s website about the Forum and their participation. On the 19th of January the students who participated at the Forum will present their experiences, as well as the actions that were decided to take at this post-forum phase. In February, students will organise an informational day presenting what they have learned with their involvement to the project.


Lyceum of Archangelos - Apostolos Markos

The students prepared a newsitem about their participation at the Youth Forum, which was posted on the school’s website and was also published in the school’s magazine. They also invited a representative of the Asylum Service of Cyprus, who made a presentation to the whole school about the current status of migrants and immigrants in Cyprus and then students had the opportunity to make questions and discuss about the issue.

 Regional Gymnasium of Akaki

The students who participated at the Youth Forum organized a poster session at their school in order to present the issue “People on the move” based on what they have learned from the Forum. They also developed some articles on that issue, expressing their thoughts from their participation at the first Youth Forum. Their aim was to raise awareness on migration.

Gymnasium Nareg

The students visited a nursing home of Armenian migrants where they interviewed some older people, learning more about their lives in Cyprus. They learned about the reasons that led them to come to Cyprus and the conditions that they have experienced when they first moved here. In the following months, the school will visit the Asylum Services in Cyprus where they will participate in workshops on migration and refugees. Students will also organise an informational day, inviting other schools and presenting the issue of “People on the move”, raising awareness and promoting the idea of youth volunteerism. During the school lessons students will continue using the educational material that has been developed in the context of the project and is available in the project website. Lastly, students will contact other schools, trying to promote the idea of creating a collaborative school magazine which will enable them to use their voice, promote their ideas, exchange experiences and work together in order to raise awareness on global issues or help people in need.