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The first youth forum in Kaunas, Lithuania

The first youth forum has already taken place on November 24th in Kaunas Jonas and Petras Vileisiai school, where more than 90 students from 9 schools in Kaunas had an opportunity to learn more about and explore the topic of forced migration.

The pupils of the hub school have been preparing for the forum since September, participating in workshops, where together with teachers L. Zukauskiene and J. Raviniene they delved deeper into the subject of forced migration. The pupils also prepared not only to participate, but to facilitate the forum as well.

One of the highlits of the whole process was a "Forced Migration Day" for the whole school, organized by the teachers and school administration. During the day, all teachers delivered 6 steps on lessons on forced migration so that all pupils in the school had an opportunity to learn more and get informed about the subject.

Also, a treasure hunt took place around the school - pupils especially enjoyed this competitive activity, where they had to find quiz answers hidden around the school.

On the day of the forum, the participants participated in various activities that helped them come up with possible actions related to the forum topic to implement in their schools or communities. The pupils from the hub school took on many responsibilities, such as welcoming and registering guests and facilitating the mixed-school working groups, which contributed to the success of the forum. After the mixed-school sessions, the groups displayed their issue trees in the main hall, where everybody could vote and pick out the best one. The team who received the most votes also received prizes!

After the first forum's success, both teachers and pupils are now busy planning and implementing their social actions and planning a national webinar, which will provide forum participants with an opportunity to catch up on their post-forum activities. Looking forward to that!