Project outputs

Future Youth Schools Forums runs from September 2015 – September 2018. Over the 3 years of the Project, a number of ‘Outputs’ will be produced to help us achieve our aims. These Outputs will be developed by Project Partners in consultation with schools in Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania and the UK. These Outputs will enable schools to set up and run a Global Citizenship Youth Forum for other schools, and will help young people to prepare for, participate in and lead their Youth Forum.

All of the Project Outputs will be housed on this website and include:

1A Needs Analysis outlining the current application of Global Citizenship Youth Forums and youth participation in the Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and the UK.

2A Toolkit for schools to help them plan and participate in a Global Citizenship Youth Forum.

3A Toolkit for schools to help them develop curriculum activity to embed the theme of the Global Citizenship Youth Forum into core curriculum areas.

4A Youth Skills Training Module to help develop young people’s skills which will be needed for them to plan, participate and lead their Global Citizenship Youth Forum.

5An online European Global Citizenship Youth Portal.

6An Academic Report including Policy Recommendations on the impact of youth leadership through Global Citizenship using Youth Forums as the means to develop key skills for young people.

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