Jaunimo Karjeros Centras

Jaunimo karjeros centras (JKC) is an NGO with more than 10 years’ experience supporting youth and adults through non-formal education programmes and guidance services. It aims to meet public needs through educational, scientific, cultural, social and legal initiatives. The organisation is divided into departments (training, information and counseling and project management), which ensure successful operation of the activities.

JKC has 5 permanent staff members and a strong network of trainers, experts, consultants and advisers (~50 persons) providing education and guidance all around the country. Through this network of people JKC is informed about the needs for guidance and support, new educational programs and methodologies, active civic participation issues.

JKC’s specific fields of expertise are career education and guidance; effective communication and life skills; global citizenship; language learning and teaching, ICT in education, human rights education. Its activities include career guidance; career planning, conflict and communication, team building, leadership and citizenship skills trainings for youth; training and guidance support for educators and parents; programs and projects to introduce new approaches and methodologies in education.

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